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Market Development Of Long Shackle Padlock

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When it comes to iron padlock, the domestic public's knowledge or use of it mostly stays in some public places such as offices, schools, hotel rooms, banks, etc. It is still difficult for people to combine such high-tech locks with ordinary people's lives. However, in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other countries, the use of electronic iron padlocks has been quite common, especially in the civilian market, the penetration rate is much higher than domestic. According to statistics, electronic locks in Europe and the United States account for 50% of the civilian lock market, and Japanese and Korean iron padlocks account for more than 70% of the civilian lock market. Especially in South Korea, the iron padlock usage rate in its apartments is as high as 90%. According to the official data of the well-known South Korean iron padlock brand iRevo (eBao), South Korea’s current electronic lock market size is 1 million sets, of which the retail (B2C) market accounts for 80%, and its civilian market has matured. 50% of users are replacing the existing electronic locks with new electronic locks. At present, in China, electronic locks only account for less than 2% of the civilian lock market. When people are used to swiping cards to enter office areas and are accustomed to keyboard electronic locks and even biometric locks in financial areas such as banks, we can be sure that domestic electronic iron padlocks will continue to develop not only in commercial applications, but also in civilian applications. There will be a broader prospect.

Looking at the development of the domestic electronic iron padlock market in the past 10 years, the commercial use is particularly prominent. According to the global leader in door opening solutions-between 2000 and 2005, the installation volume of iron padlock was about 40,000 to 50,000, of which 90% were concentrated in high-end users, and the utilization rate of mid-end users was only 10%. The choice of lock brands are also Korean brands, of which iRevo from South Korea is the most representative. After 2005, with more domestic projects putting iron padlock into use, its usage increased to about 100,000, and the proportion of mid-end users also increased to 30%. Since 2007, the demand for domestic commercial iron padlock has further increased. At the same time, domestic brands have begun to independently develop iron padlock technology, and its usage has doubled to 200 to 300,000. Domestic users are no longer concentrated on high-end users. The usage of mid-end and low-end users has also increased significantly, accounting for 40% and 10% of the total, respectively. Relevant data in recent years show that after 2010, electronic iron padlock has formed an industry market, and its usage has rapidly increased to 400,000 to 500,000. At this time, mid-end users have formed the main consumer power, accounting for 50% of the total, and low-end users The use has begun to take shape, occupying 20%.

With the continuous improvement of people's security awareness, the equipment of one key and one lock obviously cannot meet people's needs. In terms of commercial use, office workers in and out of major office areas have become accustomed to swiping in and out of office areas. In addition to corporate financial security guarantees, some financial institutions or units with higher requirements for security standards have continuously increased the demand for iron padlock. From simple unlocking, it has developed to "authorization" now. At the same time, ordinary people have a higher pursuit for the safety and comfort of the home environment. The long shackle padlock market share has a lot of room for increase in civilian use, and it will also develop rapidly.