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Maintenance Tips For Stainless Steel Lock

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The keyed alike padlock is a kind of anti-theft lock with C, E, SBE, G and other specifications. The MUL-T-LOCK lock has anti-drilling, anti-prying, anti-cutting, anti-twisting, E, SBE, C The type padlock also has the functions of water-proof, fog-proof and anti-icing. In order not to cause unnecessary trouble for us in the use of the lock, we must learn to maintain the padlock, and we must also consider the importance of the padlock. In fact, the daily maintenance of the lock is very simple and the maintenance of the lock requires machine oil and lead powder. Padlock manufacturers are very sophisticated in usage. Lead powder is the oil in the lock is used on the lock body. Next, I will explain it to you in detail.

1. During the decoration of the house, please use a plastic bag (do not touch the surface of the lock with the adhesive tape) to seal the handle, panel and other exposed parts of the lock to prevent the surface treatment layer of the lock component from being worn during decoration. The corrosion of acidic or alkaline materials and gases will cause mottle, blistering and delamination, which seriously affects the appearance and quality of the lock. Some locks made of zinc alloy and copper will be found to be mottled after being installed on the door for a long time. This phenomenon is not attributed to rust, but to oxidation. If this is the case, just spray it with external wax. Get rid of mottled.

  2. During normal use, if there is dirt, it can be removed with a dry cloth, and do not wipe it with detergent or other chemicals. Otherwise, it will damage the protective film of the exposed parts and cause discoloration. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth, because some metal locks will rust; alloy locks will wear off the plating and lose their beautiful effect.

  stainless steel lock manufacturers believe that they often adhere to the cleaning of the lock body to prevent foreign matter from entering the cylinder groove of the lock cylinder, forming when it is opened, the lock can not be opened. That's it for everyone to explain the little knowledge about padlock maintenance.