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Maintenance Of Led Street Light Factory Products

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The status of LED explosion-proof lights in the explosion-proof light industry is the same as that of special forces in the military. This analogy shows the powerful functions of LED explosion-proof lights. Why did you say that? Under the premise of solving the lighting problems of lamps, LED explosion-proof lamps have special capabilities that other lamps do not have. Since there are such good lamps, we need to be especially careful when using them, so Led Street Light Factory needs regular maintenance of LED explosion-proof lamps. Of course, there are certain requirements for maintenance, so what are the requirements?

1. Operators who maintain LED explosion-proof lights must have certain experience. If they are new, they must be trained to start work.

2. Maintenance personnel should fully understand some of the functional characteristics of lamps and some specialized knowledge of lamp maintenance

3. Maintenance personnel need to regularly remove dust and debris on the 400w Led Flood light, which is very helpful to the heat dissipation performance of the LED explosion-proof light.