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Main Application Of Dye Sublimation Paper

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A4 sublimation paper after high temperature hot stamping is not deformed, non-degumming, non-fading, easy to engrave, easy to cut, and easy to discharge are the characteristics of the lettering film; different series of lettering printing films have different appearance effects, for example: glitter lettering film In order to contain glittering gold powder, it has the characteristics of soft touch, stretchability and high coverage; the laser lettering film is a dazzling effect made by laser holographic processing; the imitation metal is a metal effect made by electroplating.


Application of dye sublimation paper


The application field of dye sublimation paper is mainly in the field of clothing. Sportswear, fashion clothing, cultural shirts, advertising shirts and the like. Qingyi's main business is sportswear. "Help the sportswear industry and intelligently create digital hot stamping icons" is Professional of Qingyi Company. Including ball wear, cycling wear, outdoor wear, mountaineering wear, professional sports clothing, etc. At the same time textile items: such as shoes, hats, bags, etc. can also be used, advertising, and other signs can also be used.


Precautions for dye sublimation paper


In the process of hot stamping, pay attention to the three principles of hot stamping: temperature, time and pressure. Avoid high temperature storage during storage, and keep it away from fire or heat sources; do not stack processed semi-finished products on each other, especially the adhesive surfaces, which will easily lead to anti-sticking, resulting in waste and loss; do not leave it naked in damp or strong light The environment; after hot stamping, the finished product can not be stacked, especially the hot stamp that has just been torn off.