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Log Splitter Manufacturers Introduce The Problem Of Shaft

Lid sinds 14 apr 2020
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The axis plays an important role in the operation of Petrol Log Splitter, but problems will inevitably occur during use. Only by finding out the existing faults and analyzing the specific problems can we eliminate them more quickly. So, what are the common faults of the comprehensive crusher shaft?

1. The screw thread design of the sealing sleeve and taper sleeve is unreasonable. The threads of the belt pulley end and flywheel end seal sleeve and taper sleeve are all right-handed. When the biomass integrated crusher is running, the shaft rotates counterclockwise in the direction of the flywheel. When the shaft drives the cone sleeve to rotate counterclockwise, due to the inertial force, the sealing sleeve has a clockwise rotation moment. The threads of the seal sleeves on the flywheel end and the pulley end are both right-handed, so both seal sleeves have a tendency to move in the direction of the pulley. When the sealing sleeve of the pulley end moves to the direction of the pulley, it will tighten the pulley, and in turn the taper sleeve at this end will be firmly tightened on the shaft, so the pulley end cone sleeve has not been loosened, while the flywheel end seal sleeve moves in the direction of the pulley It will leave the end face of the flywheel when it is time, so that the taper sleeve will lose the tightening force on the shaft, and it will easily loosen and wear.

2. Bending or breaking. Because the integrated crusher is prone to roll over during the main machine hoisting process, the shaft is bent unilaterally. If the shaft is not properly heat-treated and the stress is concentrated, it will easily cause short-term fracture.

3. Serious wear and tear. Comprehensive crushers using sliding bearings are prone to shaft wear. The shaft journals and eccentric section journals are severely worn, and the shaft is bent excessively and fatigue fractures, which will cause shaft wear.

4. The contact area between the taper sleeve and the shaft mating surface is not enough. According to the design, the contact area should account for 80% of the mating area to form enough friction to overcome the inertial force of the cone sleeve. Previously, when assembling the shaft parts, there was no good way to master it, so the contact area should be less than 80%, so that the cone sleeve is in Looseness occurs on the shaft. Once loosened, the outer circle of the shaft and the inner hole of the taper sleeve will wear at the same time and cause the end face of the flywheel to wear, making the equipment unable to operate.

The above is the knowledge about the common faults of the shaft of the comprehensive crusher, cnsuperpower Log Splitter manufacturers hope to be helpful to you.