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Life Of 400w Led Flood Light

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1. The quality and type of light source: The different types of light sources of Led Street Light Factory will affect the service life of 400w Led Flood light. Now 400w Led Flood light is commonly used in LED lamps, energy-saving lamps, etc. Energy-saving lamps are marked by the country, and the average life expectancy is More than 6000 hours, the service life of LED lamps generally exceeds 50,000 hours, that is, energy-saving lamps can be used for more than 2 years and LED lamps can be used for more than 10 years. There is also product quality, which determines the service life of the light source.  

2. Controller: The controller is one of the core components of 400w Led Flood light. It plays a commanding role in the entire 400w Led Flood light system. It not only controls, monitors, and protects the working status of photovoltaic components, batteries, and loads, but also effectively controls While the battery is working, it also indirectly protects the load (solar led street light), providing it with an effective and relatively stable working environment. So a controller with stable performance and reliable quality will greatly extend the service life of 400w Led Flood light.  

3. Battery: 400w Led Flood light currently commonly used batteries include colloidal batteries and lithium batteries. Although colloidal batteries are cheaper than lithium batteries, the service life of colloidal batteries is much lower than that of lithium batteries. The colloidal batteries used in China are now used The lifespan is no more than 4 years, and the minimum lifespan of lithium batteries is 5 years, so in many places 400w Led Flood light is used for 3, 4 years later, the main reason is that the gel battery has a short service life.