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Length and fine hair

Lid sinds 05 dec 2019

If all types of hair have a cut that puts them more or less in value, it is true that for fine hair it is less obvious. A few cutting tips, hairstyles, maintenance and a good scissor blow will be enough to sublimate them.

Flat, shapeless, even unruly, fine hair can have volume and look neat by adopting the right haircut.



A short haircut for fine hair?

It is well known, the cut that best suits fine hair is the short cut. And that's true ! It compensates for the lack of volume and, associated with a nice gradient, overcomes the problem of flat roots and lack of density. For a more trendy style, opt for a plunging square or a structured square or even a "pixiecut", trendy boy cut in Victoria Beckham style. Volume guaranteed and femininity preserved!


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If it is true that fine hair prefers short cuts, the length is not to be totally excluded. Cut side, we opt for a marked and very tapered gradient, which will give an immediate volume effect. Hair side, we prefer the high ponytail or half-tail, which clear the face and limit the flat appearance of the hair. In general, fine hair will banish products that weigh down the hair and will prefer a volumizing foam applied to damp hair before drying. Last tips: dry your hair upside down and avoid too frequent washing!