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Led Street Light Factory Chooses The Color To Install

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       How to choose the color of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight pole? The poles of outdoor cameras need to be considered: lightning, moisture-proof, sturdy, and beautiful. The main contents of the Led Street Light Factory are as follows:

   1. Lightning protection

   Lightning protection for outdoor camera poles: install 100w outdoor slim led floodlight pole lightning rod and good grounding wire (recommended not to move the conductive pole);

   2. Moisture-proof

  The moisture-proof and rust-proof treatment of outdoor camera pole mainly includes surface treatment, high-grade electrostatic powder spraying and high-temperature baking paint on the surface of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight pole to achieve excellent moisture-proof and rust-proof treatment effect;

  3. Merge

  The wall thickness of the outdoor camera pole is 3. When it is greater than 0, the consolidation of the stainless steel 100w outdoor slim led floodlight pole is not good, so stainless steel tubes are not used for outdoor camera poles. Outdoor camera pole is made of zinc steel pipe, stable and durable;

   4. Beautiful

   The outdoor camera pole is installed outdoors, which has certain requirements for aesthetics. Therefore, the style and color of the surveillance pole should be selected according to the outdoor environment.