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Lamps Of Led Flood Light Factory

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   1. Constant current, no flicker

The voltage of the LED of the Led Flood Light Factory is determined by the chip itself, but the resistance will change with the increase in temperature. If the constant current power supply is not used, the current of the LED will increase. Long-term operation exceeding the rated current will greatly shorten the LED Life. And LED constant current is to ensure that its operating current remains unchanged when environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change. And constant current can make the lamps without flicker.

  2, input voltage

  You can see that the input voltage of some light tubes is wide, generally 85v-265v/AC. This kind of power supply will play its role when the voltage fluctuates greatly-it will not affect the brightness with the voltage fluctuation.

  3, isolated power supply and non-isolated power supply

The isolated power supply is safe and the price will be relatively high; the safety of the non-isolated power supply is not as good as the isolated power supply, but take various safety measures, and the cost performance is very high, especially in terms of efficiency and power factor. Significantly! RC and high-voltage ic power supplies are inexpensive, but will produce flicker, and safety is relatively low.

  4, power efficiency, power factor

   output power (output LED voltage * output current)/input power. This parameter is particularly important. If the efficiency is low, it means that a large part of the input power is converted into heat and emitted; if it is installed in a light tube, a very high temperature will be generated, and the LED chip will also generate heat. It will superimpose to produce higher temperature, and the life of all electronic parts in our power supply will be shortened with the rise of temperature. So efficiency is also the fundamental factor that determines the life of the power supply. The efficiency cannot be too low, otherwise the heat consumed on the power supply is too large .

The power factor is numerically, the power factor is the ratio of the active power and the apparent power, that is, cosΦ=P/S. A low power factor will generate a large amount of reactive power, which will affect the efficiency of the power grid and also cause interference to the power grid. The requirements for engineering and Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers will be higher! Generally, the efficiency is above 80 and the power factor is above 0.8.

  5, brightness, life

   At present, the luminous efficiency of the LED light tube is 90-100lm/W, and the life span is more than 20,000 hours. It is necessary to pay attention to the chip and power supply used!