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Knapsack Fertilizer Machine Improves Efficiency

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         Performance and characteristics of Manual Corn Seeder:

       1. Novel technology and high quality of transplanting

       This machine adopts an eccentric disc link mechanism and a double cam plate structure, and the rice transplanting link is controlled by the link mechanism. It realizes the functions of double-wheel spinning, opening holes on both sides of the rice transplanter, transplanting rice, and sealing the soil. The Corn Seeder seedlings transplanted by the transplanter are of better quality, which solves the problems of uneven depth, uneven plant spacing and low transplanting efficiency in the manual transplanting process.

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       2. Compact structure, wide application range

       Manual Corn Seeder uses a double-screw spinning, eccentric disk and multi-link mechanism system to drive seedling transplantation. It has the characteristics of compact structure, stable performance, good coordination, and multi-function. According to the traction force and the number of planting components installed on the traction frame, 1-4 rows of planting operations can be realized, which can not only realize planting in large-area plain farms, but also solve the planting operations of greenhouse and hilly seedlings.

       3. Stable performance, flexible production and convenient adjustment

       Manual Corn Seeder uses sprocket and chain to rotate, the transmission ratio is stable, and the transplanting plant spacing is accurate.

      (1) By adjusting the number of Manual Corn Seeder and replacing the sprocket, the plant spacing can reach 18-78 cm.

      (2) The planting depth of 5-13cm can be reached by adjusting the adjusting screw on the adjuster of the seedling depth.

      (3) Turn the handle on the adjuster to increase or decrease the thickness of the cover soil.

       4. Stable, durable, long service life

       Manual Corn Seeder adopts double discs, double linkage shafts, double cam discs to control the opening degree, and double tooth clamp opening disc. When one side of the opening is damaged, the other side can still be used with double-tooth opening and closing nippers to stabilize the work. When the Manual Corn Seeder encounters hard soil, the buffer can prevent the transplanter from being damaged, making the transplanter durable and have a long service life.

       5. Knapsack Fertilizer Machine can reduce labor intensity, save labor costs, improve efficiency, and reduce yield.