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Jagex hasn't maintained their user-friendly policy to date

Lid sinds 06 sep 2021

Jagex hasn't maintained their user-friendly policy to OSRS Gold date for a long time I believe. The policy they've changed will affect the community it was based on, and it is imperative that a new policy be developed. A policy (or filter as I call it sometimes) must be constantly changing in order to be effective. If the volume of feedback is increasing, Jagex needs to filter out additional feedback to use only the feedback that is useful. Jagex has this problem.
This is how Jagex (according me) should have handled Ice Strykewyrms. Personally, I am still wondering why they have the rants forum, recent updates, feedback, et cetera. It is just too many subjects for them to read (and some are even rubbish). They must stop the rants section. Second, they should declare that they will not use feedback that is submitted to the Recent Updates Forum. The forum is for discussion only. You should include recent updates along with a topic to the Feedback forum, so that users can leave feedback.

The sticky should bear the title 'Discussion Request'. The topic lets players suggest topics, talk about or rant about issues they feel need changing. Feedback or rants that are posted in wrong forums to get Jagex the attention of Jagex should be hidden by Forum Mods. This is a huge filter that helps prevent the massive spam in the forums and also allows Jagex to analyze the problems in the game that actually need attention.

It's all fine and well, but what do you think Jagex have handled Ice Strykewyrms? The short answer is no. They should have created a poll instead, allowing members to vote whether there should be a compromise or not. When they have done this, they should filter the votes as if they were maniacs. They should have the ability to verify the voting groups that were involved. These groups must:

Members without 93 Slayer. Members who do not have a Fire cape or 93 Slayer. Members who have 93 Slayer. This group would require some coding however it could be done. After a few thousand people had cast their votes, they should've checked the results to Buy RuneScape Gold determine whether they had to make compromises. This is how it should have been.

Lid sinds 07 sep 2021

Lid sinds 07 sep 2021

Lid sinds 07 sep 2021