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Introduction To The Use Of Hand Push Seeder

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   The Hand push seeder uses a rotary feeder and is composed of multiple feeding cups. There is a valve at the bottom of the feeding cup. When the feeding cup is turned up, the seedlings will fall and close. During this period, the manual transplanting time can be extended. When the seedling falls, it passes through the channel of the seedling support device and then directly falls into the trench of the opener. The advantage of using the seedling raising support device is that the seedlings will not be dumped at will, but stand upright, so when the trencher moves, it can directly cover the soil.

    The function of the seedling guide tube of the vegetable transplanter is to transport the seedlings directly to the bottom of the ditch. It is mainly used here to avoid damage to the seedlings when moving inside, so use it with confidence.

Performance characteristics of vegetable transplanter:

    1. The vegetable transplanter has a compact structure, reasonable power configuration, and a linkage control device to ensure the planting distance, without damaging the seedlings, and the planting depth is steplessly adjustable.

    2. In the seeding process, the whole machine has the advantages of large power, self-prepared seeder, compact system structure, reasonable coordination, convenient adjustment, and strong stability.

    3. Simple operation and convenient use. The main clutch adopts belt tensioning type, through the main transmission, multi-speed forward and reverse rotation can be realized, and the transmission range is wide. The height of the wheelbase can be adjusted freely to meet the requirements of row spacing and plant spacing of different crops.

    4. Wide application range. Hand push fertilizer seeder is suitable for planting crops with different row spacing and plant spacing. It has strong applicability, and the power host of this machine can be equipped with various agricultural machinery such as rotary tillage, ditching, ridge formation, film mulching, field weeding, etc., one machine Multipurpose.