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Introduction Of Stud Manufacturer Mark

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Did you know that the United States uses more than 200 billion fasteners every year? With such high demand, the screw, nut and bolt industry is undoubtedly booming. However, there are more than just these three types to choose from; if you are not sure whether to use custom shoulder bolts or custom screws for your next project, finding the answer may be trickier than you expected. Today, we will pay special attention to bolts and answer the most frequently asked questions about huge categories. Here are answers to some common Bolt FAQs:

What is the mark displayed on the bolt head?
Generally speaking, the bolt head contains two kinds of marks: Stud Manufacturer mark and grade mark. The former identifies the manufacturer or importer; they are the person responsible for the fasteners to meet the specified requirements. The grade mark is a standardized mark used to identify the material characteristics that the fastener meets.

I can't find the shear strength of fasteners in the specification, can you help?
Bolt shear joints can be designed as friction clamps or direct shear. For friction clamp joints, you must ensure that the friction generated by the bolts is sufficient to prevent slippage between the plates, thereby damaging the joint. For direct shear joints, the shank of the bolt directly bears the shear force, which generates shear stress in the bolt.

What are the advantages of fine-threaded fasteners compared to coarse-threaded fasteners?
Traditionally, unless there are other reasons to use fine threads, coarse threads are specified. In terms of size, thin wires are stronger than thick wires in terms of tension and shear. Thin lines are not easy to loosen, because the line slope is small; at the same time, the smaller spacing allows finer adjustments in applications that require such functions.

Does it matter whether the bolt head or the nut is tightened?
Short answer: it depends. Assuming that the bolt head and nut face have the same diameter and the contact surface is the same, you can tighten one of them. If they are different, it will be related.

Next time you need a customized Full Threaded Stud, anchor bolt, or any other type of bolt, you will gain the knowledge you need to succeed. At least, we hope you learned something new here today!