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Introduction To Storage Of Gunpowder Green Tea

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The 9371 Method of Pot Storage of Gunpowder Green Tea

This law dates back to ancient times.  Feng mengzhen, a Ming man, said in his book "the quick snow hall is full of records:" if you put a large urn of tea in the bottom, and put it upside down after sealing, it will not turn yellow in the summer, so that its air will not leak out. "  The water content of green tea (tea itself) cannot exceed 6%.  It can be dehumidified with quicklime.  The specific operation method is the same as the lime block preservation method.

Tank storage method

The container is made of metal cans, boxes, cans and boxes containing cakes or other foods, or iron or aluminum or paper or paper products, or square, round, flat or irregular.  The important thing is that green tea (tea itself) should be dried and sealed.  This method is simple and convenient.

Storage of Chinese Green Tea in Plastic Bags 9371 Method

China Green Tea 9371 (tea itself) uses food packaging bags with high density, high pressure, thick, good strength and no peculiar smell.  Tea leaves can be wrapped in soft clean paper in advance, then placed in food bags and sealed.

Hot water bottle storing Chinese green tea 9371 method

Can use the thermos bottle discarded due to poor heat preservation, fill it with dry green tea (tea itself), cover the bottle stopper and seal it with wax.