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Introduction Of Stainless Steel Lock Maintenance

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Maintenance method of stainless steel lock at home:

      1. Do not use lubricants casually. Many friends will drip some lubricating oil into the keyhole when the door lock is astringent or tight. Although it can play a smooth role at the time, because the oil is easy to stick to dust, it will take a long time to get into the keyhole. A lot of dust will accumulate, which makes the door lock more prone to malfunction.
      Solution: Sharpen some broken pencils or broken candles, blow them into the lock cylinder through a thin tube, and then insert the key and turn it several times.

      2. Don't twist the key very vigorously to open the door. Sometimes due to the gravity of the door leaf or the door hinge, the door leaf sinks and the door is locked or the door is not opened smoothly. At this time, it is very difficult to open and lock the door with the key. You must not turn the key forcibly to open the door, as this will easily damage the lock and key.
      Solution: First, find out the reason. If the door leaf sinks due to loose leaf, fix the loose leaf with screws. If the door frame is deformed or unrecoverable due to other reasons, it is necessary to start with the door frame, and keyed alike padlock manufacturers will expand the lock tongue accordingly, so that it can be used normally.