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Introduction To Purchasing Stainless Steel Lock

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       Today, the whole house customization is becoming more and more popular. Even if it is the top ten famous brands of indoor door locks, keyed alike padlock manufacturers must choose the right one. At the same time, the choice and combination of various doors and windows has a great influence on the style of the home environment. The choice of doors, interior doors and many other door types is also particularly important.

        Although more and more people are using it, there are not many people who understand its characteristics. In addition to its own advantages, doors and windows of each material also have disadvantages. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages, what I want to bring to you today is an introduction to aluminum-wood doors and windows and aluminum-wood doors and windows. I hope it can help you all.

What is aluminum wood doors and windows
Aluminum-wood doors and windows retain the characteristics and functions of solid wood doors and windows, while the frame body is made of excellent heat-insulating aluminum alloy through mechanical methods. Like the handle locks on the market, they are also made of heat-insulating and heat-resistant materials. Therefore, it can be ensured that the normal temperature can be maintained when the doors and windows are opened. Aluminum and wood are connected by polymer nylon parts, which fully takes care of the different properties of wood and metal shrinkage coefficients.

Disadvantages of aluminum wooden doors and windows
1. Solid wood is the main stress-bearing material for aluminum-wood doors and windows. The main raw material solid wood is still relatively small, and the overall cost is relatively high.
2. The production process is relatively high, and the yield of products with better quality on the market is low. When purchasing, you should carefully choose the brand and seller of aluminum and wood doors and windows.
3. The aluminum alloy and solid wood are expensive, the threshold is high, and the doors and windows are made with various manufacturing processes. It is difficult to reduce the manufacturing equipment and comprehensive costs.
4. Aluminum alloy has a protective effect on the exterior of doors and windows. The use of polymer nylon connectors and aluminum alloy have high strength, but these characteristics just don't make good use of it, and its toughness is not outstanding.

Common sense of buying stainless steel lock
1. You need to pay attention to the brand and production process when purchasing. The high-quality finished products on the market are extremely low. It is particularly important to identify the merchants when purchasing.
2. The aluminum alloy material itself must be green and environmentally friendly, and not allow indoor radiation to be generated. It is best to have strong anti-ultraviolet characteristics.
3. Pay attention to the service life. The service life of doors and windows must be long when purchasing, which is more beneficial for long-lived families.
4. The anti-vibration effect must be good. If the anti-vibration effect is not good during strong wind and heavy rain, noise will be generated, and the glass door may collapse when it is more serious.
5. The flame retardancy of windows must be good, especially for high-rise buildings, doors and windows with good flame retardancy can make your family safer.
6. The sealing requirements must be high. The aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows with good sealing performance can keep the room temperature unchanged and save a lot of electricity bills in summer; when a typhoon is approaching, sand and dust will not be blown into the room.