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Introduction To Petrol Log Splitter's Operating Difficulties

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Chipper Shredder is generally faster to start up during normal use, but sometimes it will be difficult to start up when it is used later. This situation is generally because we usually use it. Didn’t do a good job, then let’s take a look at how to do a good job with startup difficulties
  1. When the equipment is in use, the staff should be responsible for the maintenance work. Generally speaking, if there are some serious problems found during the maintenance, the problems should be solved in time to avoid serious problems.
  2. The processed materials, wood, etc., should be as uniform in size as possible to avoid sudden addition of a lot of wood during use, which is also relatively large for the equipment.

3. When using, choose a suitable lubricant for lubrication, and stop the operation directly after the end of use, and continue to run for a period of time. Chipper Shredder will remove some of the wood chips, so that the equipment is being stored At that time, some of the magazines will also be less.
4. Another important point is to be correct after starting up, otherwise some problems will inevitably occur after a long time of use, so the operator must follow the correct method when operating, only this way In order to avoid the start-up difficulties as much as possible.
The above is the method that Petrol Log Splitter is difficult to start when it is used. In fact, many times we need to follow the correct method when we first start the device, and it is necessary to use it in normal times. Maintain all parts of the equipment.