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Introduction To Energy Saving Of Led Street Light Factory

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   After the intelligent control of 400w Led Flood light, it can not only achieve energy saving and emission reduction, reduce energy consumption, but also reduce the amount of repairs. According to estimates, more than 10,000 yuan can be saved every year. During this period, more than 10,000 yuan in electricity costs were saved, nearly 10,000 yuan in protection and consumables costs, and more than tons of carbon dioxide emissions and tons of sulfur dioxide emissions were reduced.

   It is worth mentioning that the LED lamp processing has been included in the concept of "Internet +". After the intelligent processing channel prompts that the lamps are defective, the position of the defective street lamp and the cause of the defect can be found as soon as possible, and the repair power is improved. In the dead of night, this system will actively reduce the energy consumption of the energy-saving 400w Led Flood light in the urban area by %, and reduce the energy consumption of the 400w Led Flood light again in the early morning to achieve full-time energy saving.

   From the perspective of the 400w Led Flood light industry situation, with the strengthening of professional heat recovery, Chinese lighting companies have a great opportunity to expand. However, Led Street Light Factory needs to be vigilant from time to time, to position itself well, to gather advantages, and to develop differentiation; together, to control product quality, build pathways, and protect corporate image.