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Introduction Of Anti-dust Building Net Supplier Strength

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    Hail Protection Net Factory's dust-proof net product structure is composed of windshield, steel structure support and concrete base. Together, the dust-proof net and the dust-proof net can be attached with 1 to 2 meters of retaining wall and lighting fixtures on the steel frame. The windshield has a certain number of openings, and the material of the windshield can be divided into metal and non-metal. In the metal windshield.




    And because of the different substrates, it can be divided into carbon steel plates, galvanized steel plates, galvanized steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum-magnesium alloy plates, etc.; non-metallic materials include technical glass fiber reinforced plastic, machined glass fiber reinforced plastic, polymer composite materials, and so on. Macromolecules are mainly processed by chemical raw materials. There are many types, and of course the quality varies greatly.


    Steel structure supports can be mainly divided into truss structure and spiral ball net structure. The truss structure can be divided into space truss and plane truss. The connection methods include welding and bolt connection. The connection method of the spiral ball net structure is the spiral ball connection. The steel structure supports the structural planning based on the climatic conditions of the project site (mainly the wind pressure and maximum wind speed once in 50 years).


    In the steel structure support, the Anti-dust Building Net Supplier truss method is the first choice, because the bolted ball net structure may loosen the connected bolt ball due to the vibration of the wind. The foundation is a reinforced concrete foundation. Plan according to the size and moment of the superstructure.