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Installation Height Of Xiangrui Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers

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LED industrial and mining lighting is very efficient, and its energy-saving effect is also much better. More energy-saving LED high bay lights, in addition to various lighting lamps used in normal environments, there are also explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments.


There are also LED high bay lights used in some large high-rise buildings. Therefore, although the LED industry and mining have a wide range of uses, there are certain guidelines for installation distance in the general environment.


Today, Xiangrui Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers will give you a brief introduction to the LED industrial and mining reference installation distance.
 LED high bay light 50W recommended installation height: 3m installation distance: 10-15m
 LED high bay light 90W recommended installation height: 4m installation distance: 15-20m
 LED high bay light 120W recommended installation height: 5m installation distance: 15-18m
 LED high bay light 150W recommended installation height: 6m installation distance: 18-22m
 LED high bay light 200W recommended installation height: 7m installation distance: 20-23m
 LED high bay light 300W recommended installation height: 8m installation distance: 23-25m
 LED high bay light 450W recommended installation height: 9m installation distance: 25-30m
The above installation distances are commonly used in general environments, and the actual environment may be affected by other factors.

In addition, the LED high bay light and the driving power supply must be installed in an open location, which is conducive to heat dissipation. The dust of the LED high bay light and the driving power supply must be cleaned regularly to ensure good heat dissipation.


At the same time, it can also be installed according to the current environment and illumination requirements. The design team of xiangrui Led Flood Light Factory will serve you~