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Installation Features Of Full Threaded Stud

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The full name of Full Threaded Stud in production is steel structure bolt connection pair, and it is generally not referred to as high-strength bolt for short. Steel structure bolts are mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, railway bridges, highway bridges, pipeline bridges, tower mast structures, boiler frames, boiler steel structures, large-span industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, various towers, light steel structures, and Construction of heavy machinery and other steel structure connection buildings.
   Each connection pair includes a bolt, a nut, and two washers. Steel structure bolts are divided into large hexagon head bolts and torsion shear bolts according to the installation characteristics. When the high-strength torsion shear type bolt connection pair is assembled, the side of the nut with the round table should face the chamfered side of the washer; the high-strength torsion shear type bolt connection pair for steel structures is an improved type of the steel structure large hexagon bolt connection pair , The main advantage is that the construction of larger hexagonal bolts is simple, and the construction space required is small. Use an electric wrench to directly unscrew the plum head at the tail. It is safe, simple and fast, and it is very convenient to check the construction quality. It does not require professionals or equipment, just general Visual inspection confirms that the plum blossom head has been screwed off to ensure the construction quality.
   But the production cost of the strength torsion shear type bolt connection is higher than that of the hexagonal bolt. Each set of torsion shear type bolt connection set GB/T3632 contains one bolt, one nut and one washer. When assembling the large hexagon head steel structure bolt connection pair, the chamfered side of the washer under the bolt head should face the bolt head; the large hexagon head high-strength bolt requires a torque wrench for construction, which requires a large operating space. Twisting two parts is completed, the construction is relatively troublesome to torsion shear type bolts; Stud Manufacturer quality inspection also requires torque inspection, which requires professional equipment and quality inspectors.