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Influencing Factors On The Effect Of Fruit Drying Equipment

Lid sinds 10 jan 2020

Dehydration and drying are one of the common methods for making powders from fresh, fruits and vegetables. Considerable research has been done on presenting information such as the mechanism of particle formation, design of Fruit Drying Equipment, modeling of the drying process, and determination of drying parameters to better protect nutrients in its natural conformation. However, several important aspects of fruit and vegetable drying have only been partially addressed.
First, a better understanding of particle formation mechanisms (for example, explaining the heterogeneity of chemical composition between the core and the particle surface) and better integration of materials and process parameters have not yet been well resolved.
Second, the relationship between particle formation mechanism and particle characteristics such as viscosity, agglomeration, fluidity and solubility has not been fully resolved.
Third, more robust modeling has not been developed to capture changes in particle trajectory, particle temperature, and RH in the dryer, especially in spray dryers, which hinders the optimization of fruit and vegetable drying processes.

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