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Impressions Of Led Street Light Factory Product Prices

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When many customers inquire about 400w Led Flood light, the quality and energy-saving effect are their top concerns, and 400w Led Flood light is no exception! However, in the process of communication, after reaching a certain consensus, they all inclined to the topic of the price of 400w Led Flood light. So what factors influence the price of 400w Led Flood light? Editor: It is mainly affected by the chip, power supply and shell of 400w Led Flood light. The so-called "you get what you pay for". Therefore, when comparing the price of 400w Led Flood light, customers should also compare the quality of 400w Led Flood light.
Although the purchase cost can be saved in the initial stage of the purchase, you can choose the low-cost 400w Led Flood light. But soon after this kind of industrial and mining lamp is used, various problems will occur, and the maintenance cost will increase greatly (is this what you want?). Quality is the primary consideration for the use of 400w Led Flood light. Below, Xiangruilight Led Street Light Factory will briefly introduce the three factors that affect the price of 400w Led Flood light.
1. Radiating shell
The heat dissipation shell is well known that heat dissipation is another key factor for high-quality 400w Led Flood light. A good heat dissipation shell material can dissipate heat for the LED chip in time and prevent the LED chip from heating for a long time and causing premature aging. The low-priced 400w Led Flood light, although the size looks mid-to-high end, actually reduces the cost on the heat dissipation shell, such as the thickness of the shell becomes thinner, or the length of the rear radiator of the 400w Led Flood light becomes shorter. This kind of 400w Led Flood light may not cause any problems in the initial use, but after one year, or even a short time, the heat sink will greatly reduce the heat dissipation efficiency due to dust and aging, and the LED chip will quickly age or burn. .
2. LED chip
Some low-priced 400w Led Flood light uses some irregularly packaged LED chips, which are prone to insufficient wattage, prone to deterioration, and poor heat dissipation performance, resulting in insufficient brightness of the entire lamp, easy cracking of the chip sealant, fast chip aging, etc. . It is conceivable that the life of the finished lamp is greatly reduced. It also affects the health of the eyes! The domestically packaged 400w Led Flood light chips are blooming everywhere, resulting in uneven quality of LED chips. A good LED chip means good heat dissipation, sufficient light lumens, and high-tech packaging, so the chip can work for a long time and reduce the aging speed.

3. LED power supply
A high-quality 400w Led Flood light requires a high-quality power supply to provide a constant current and corrosion resistance. Generally, the relatively low-priced 400w Led Flood light on the market usually uses poorer quality power supplies. It can be said to be a link. This type of power supply can also easily cause unstable and fast light decay of the chip. Generally, one year or even In a shorter period of time, the light intensity is greatly reduced, and even more dangerous situations such as fire and explosion occur.
Experience tells us that when we choose 400w Led Flood light, we can’t just look at the price and ignore the quality, and choose the relatively inferior 400w Led Flood light. If you are a customer with high requirements for 400w Led Flood light, remember to first understand and compare the 400w Led Flood light chip, power supply, and heat dissipation shell. The use of 400w Led Flood light involves not only the service life, maintenance costs, but also use Safe, so be careful!