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I remember getting on that anvil near the Varrock bank to 95

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EOC is not the issue with combat. Have you noticed videos of raids and of stuff they've now because of it. EOC was the right call for the term health of osrs gold paypal RuneScape. What's killing it that the milking of RuneScape. I mean there's membership, MTX shop, diagrams, and now the yak thing which is like a year pass. I'm sorry but that is just mad particularly when you realized you can not get everything but the MTX shop for $15 per month.

The art of RuneScape don't appeal to mepersonally, not sure I like how the questing system is put up (I'm too much a lover of GW2s systems), and it looks slow... but I am sure there are people out there who would really like to return into this. My spouse said the same thing that she cannot get beyond the visuals which is fair. The best way to describe the quests are amazing mini adventures, I like they are quests that conned to an overall plot too. I am just a nerd!

I played Runescape since 2003 and I stopped. After a little and 16 years. They have taken RuneScape in a bad direction. The early game is still enjoyable because it was designed years ago, however, the current content is based on dull grinding and RNG fortune mixed with just how much actual money you need to speed this up. Quests get added and we got money items. Bosses became considerably tougher and more difficult to perform (So much so I recently heard they added a problem setting to one boss so that individuals would actually do the content). The player base has dwindled, I saw many friends depart in some to OSRS, the previous two decades plus a few fully.

My Initial 99 felt like this

My initial 99 smith. I remember getting on that anvil near the Varrock bank to 95. Then some dude turns around and goes"Why are not you using the workshop? It's so much faster!" I had stopped playing completely missed the release. Took hardly any time after that. When I got 99, I stared at the display. And logged off. When you finally complete a long-term goal and have no clue what to do with yourself.I'll do you one better. Because I am scared of not having any quests left to do, I cease, and get through the latest released quest.

I began playing around the exact same time. I have no 99s. If that's your objective, I hope you get there 1 day! If not, then enjoy RuneScape how you've been. I want to max, that is my thing, though others could just RuneScape ability freely.I tend to have really bored focusing on just 1 RuneScape skill. I played RuneScape back when 99 was an uncommon item and has been seen in awe. Each time I pick up RuneScape I want to do the quests and try some new things. I will devote some time on buy RS gold a RuneScape skill and then move into another. I have a RuneScape abilities in the 80s along with my smithing is the closest to 90 thanks to this rework. I might get there 1 day.