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I figure it should rain now before it begins to rain in Runescape

Lid sinds 04 sep 2021

Today (or maybe yesterday, or perhaps a year ago, based on when you have read this OSRS Power Leveling. The same is true for the above lol. ) Along with a bunch of other new treasure trail rewards, a fourth set was released named 'Third Age Druidic Equipment' that offers a high-prayer bonus.

Surprisingly the Third Age armor comes as an incentive for clues that are level 4 instead of level 3, and it was launched at a higher market price of 245mil. It is more expensive than any other gear from the Third Age, however it does look better than others. Because of this and also the fact that the set's stats are comparable to less expensive sets, such as proselyte armor, some people are complaining that the set of druids isn't adequate enough. I disagree.

I see real potential for Third age Druidic Equipment that other users seem to be missing and I think that it is a step above all other sets. The whole set (including the cloak and staff) includes a 31-day prayer bonus, a +28 magic attack bonus and a +130 magical defense bonus. You'll receive a +47 bonus for praying and a bonus for attacking magic, as well as an extra defense bonus of +61.

These are seriously impressive statistics for when you have to make use of magic and prayer simultaneously. With full proselyte and a crozier (plus all the other items listed above, which give the most powerful magic and prayer bonuses), you can get a +44 prayer bonus, but only a -28 magic attack bonus and a +40 magic defence bonus Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. As you can see the Third Age Druidic Equipment far exceeds it's rivals when it comes to good prayer armor and magic.