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How To Use Basic Copper Sulphate

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  Basic Copper Sulphate is white powder or crystals, showing acidic reaction, it is a high-efficiency nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer.

   This chemical fertilizer is generally used for top dressing. Fertilizer effect can be fully exerted in neutral or weakly acidic soil. Don't mix it with alkaline substances like lime, otherwise it will have a metathesis reaction, which will affect the fertility of the plants or damage the flowers. Its specific application method is similar to that of ordinary chemical fertilizers.

   Generally speaking, Basic Copper Sulphate is mostly used alone. It can be used in conjunction with potash fertilizer, micro-fertilizer, etc. according to needs. Under normal circumstances, there is no question of what flowers can be applied and where they cannot be applied. If the end of the flower needs a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus, for example, in the process of flower growth from nutrient growth to reproduction growth, Copper Chloride Dihydrate Manufacturers can use Basic Copper Sulphate to get better results.