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How To Solve Petrol Log Splitter Failure

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    Petrol Log Splitter's conveyor belt is turned over. This situation is usually due to belt wear or problems during belt assembly. It is more common for belts to wear easily due to uneven corners.


    1. Replace the V-belt in a timely manner and do a good job in the storage of various parts;

    2. Pay attention to adjust the pulley on the same plane to ensure the stability of the machine;

    3. The quality of the V-belt itself must also be paid attention to, especially the V-belt that meets the weight of the machine must be purchased when replacing.

2. The output of Petrol Log Splitter has decreased, and the output particle size is not uniform. This is usually due to clogged gaps in the sieve strip. There is a problem when feeding at the feed port.


    1. Stop the operation of the machine in time and clean up the debris in the machine cavity;

    2. Overhaul the feed inlet;

    3. Adjust the feeding granularity, pay attention to feeding according to the machine's rated standard.

3. There is a knocking sound inside the machine. This situation is mainly due to the wear of the elastic ring and some non-broken objects entering the machine. Sometimes the looseness of the pin may also cause the machine to produce a knocking sound.


    1. Tighten the nut in time and replace the elastic ring;

    2. Clean the inside of the crushing cavity, tighten the fasteners of the lining board, and check whether the hammer or other parts are broken

    3. Adjust the gap between the hammer and the screen strip.

    In summary, what should I do if there is a problem with the Performance Built Log Splitter, I hope it will help everyone. Create convenient, comfortable and time-saving products for customers. We have a technical team and marketing to solve all your worries. We serve you online, please call for details.