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How To Set The Parameters Of A4 Sublimation Paper

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Why does dye sublimation paper have fabric patterns? Thermal transfer film is also called lettering film. When we use thermal transfer film, we often encounter various problems with thermal transfer film, such as improper selection of thermal transfer film, improper matching of thermal transfer material and substrate material, The machine parameter setting is wrong, etc. Due to the limited space, today I will interpret the problem of exposed cloth patterns.

Reason one. The quality of the selected thermal transfer film product is not good

Solution: There are many kinds of heat transfer film on the market. For ordinary people, it is not easy to distinguish products of uneven quality. But the most direct way is to see whether the products of the production company have passed the SGS authoritative certification. If they have passed the stricter EU certification, it means that the company’s heat transfer film is of high quality, such as heat transfer, Meiyiqo’s heat transfer film

Reason 2: The substrate material and the thermal transfer material do not match

Solution: Standard thermal transfer film products can be used for ordinary clothing, but for luggage fabrics with rough styles and obvious textures, ordinary thermal transfer film ironing operations may produce textures. This is because during the transfer ironing process, the adhesive layer of the transfer film melts at a high temperature exceeding the melting point and then penetrates into the gaps of the fabric. At the same time, the pattern layer also penetrates into the gaps of the fabric along with the adhesive layer, which results in Fabric lines appear on the printing position. Generally speaking, thick thermal transfer films should be selected for rough style substrates, and thin thermal transfer films should be selected for delicate and thin substrates.

Reason three. A4 sublimation paper machine parameter setting error

Solution: The three most critical factors are temperature, time and pressure. If these three values ​​are set too large, it will also cause the glue layer to bring the color layer into the gap of the fabric, resulting in the appearance of the fabric pattern. We recommend that the parameter settings of the rotary ironing machine be adjusted appropriately according to the thickness of the material. Generally speaking, the reference value of the process parameters of the thermal transfer film and the conventional series of thermal transfer film of Meiyiqe: temperature 150, time 10S, pressure 0.4 kg/cm.