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How To Prevent Roofing Bolts From Loosening

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In fact, in many places, products such as Roofing Bolts are used in order to enable two objects to play a good connecting role. According to the weight of the objects and other conditions, the product models we choose are different, which can enhance the firmness. Therefore, this is a product with high requirements for firmness. How can we judge the anti-loosening performance of roof bolts?

1, roof bolt accelerated vibration test method.  The loading mode, vibration and impact conditions of this method are closer to various actual use conditions.  The second method cannot evaluate the anti-loosening performance of loose connections, while the first method can provide comparable evaluation results for the anti-loosening performance of various loose connections.  Threaded connection in working state may lose its pre-tightening force due to various reasons such as abrasion of bearing surface, compression and subsidence of connected parts, overload yield of bolts or the action of external load, etc., making it change from tight connection in tightened state to loose connection without pre-tightening force (or insufficient pre-tightening force).  At this time, it is very important to keep its own locking so that it will not come loose within a certain period of time to prevent the connected parts from failure due to separation.

2. Tight lateral vibration test method.  This method directly applies force to bolts (or screws), so it can loosen the connection in a shorter period of time and has higher test efficiency.  Another characteristic of the second method is that it can accurately measure the variable of the pre-tightening force in the vibration test process, describe the change process of the pre-tightening force in the test, give the graph of the relationship between the pre-tightening force and the vibration times (or time), and take the variable of the expected decrease of the tightening force as the criterion to measure the looseness of the connection.  This is more intuitive and accurate than the first method, and it is also easier to operate.

The above is the professional knowledge introduced to you by Haiyan yihui hardware technology co., ltd. as a Cap Screw Factory. I hope you can get useful information from it. the main purpose is to help you select high-quality roof bolts for use. the competition in the market is very fierce. therefore, we must strictly judge the quality and usability of roof bolts.