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How To Play ETS 2 On Android

Lid sinds 09 nov 2021

The player has to drive long distances and deliver the goods and operate powerful trucks. Euro Truck Simulator 2 is among the very realistic games for driving, providing users with a large number of games. Additionally, the GUI of ETS 2 is supported in Russian.

Gameplay Characteristics

The most important task of the player is to ensure that they fulfill contracts that require delivery of the cargo to the location. For this reason, the trucker must pick a suitable car from the garage. Every truck differs in its capacity, speed and gasoline consumption, and various other features. After selecting the appropriate vehicle, the participant travels for long distances.

It is possible to drive the truck one person, driving the steering wheel, mirrors and wipers. While driving, the truck will encounter different obstacles for example, traffic jams repairs, and accidents. The driver needs to create an alternative route, which avoids traffic breaks, in order to have time to finish the task within the timeframe.

These points are marked on the map . These are important places to stop are gas stations and repair shops. On the way, players will be able to enjoy luxury locations thanks to drawings of objects.

The base version Euro Truck Simulator 2 provides users access in a number of European countries, including England and Germany. If you want, you can download special mods that permit you to include additional locations. For example, players could download maps that include Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine.

Game Features

The main benefit of ETC 2 is the ability of modifying cars with precision. The appearance of the cars at your discretion - a variety of stickers, graffiti, and a detailed color palette have been included in the simulation. You can also alter the headlights, rims, tank and tires as well as the gas tank. Each piece has a particular valueand the user earns money for completing the contract.

The game's complexity is caused by the presence of other truckers able to sign lucrative contracts. Emphasizing realism, the developers further added a series of road rules, that are different based of the location in which you are. In addition, quality that parts are purchased is determined by the place of purchase, and the driver can only fix automobiles in cities. If the job of a trucker isn't enough, the participant can become the owner of the company and assign the drivers they have hired to travel.

Game Economy

In the mobile edition of the famous computer game, the player has the opportunity to create your own firm with a trucking business in order to be a market leader. In the first mission the player must take his first shipment of goods. For the successful delivery of goods on time , safely you earn money which is then able to be increased - to buy garages in different European cities, recruit drivers and then purchase trucks.

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The car can be improved in many ways. Change not only the engine, transmission tires, but also other parts but also the external frills. As an example, you could set up yellow strobes, which are beneficial when transporting dangerous products, change hue of the cabin's interior, give it a character with stickersand then tune it.


The player can choose between two options The first is the quick and simple delivery of goods, and the second option -"career-oriented. The regular mode is ideal for those who want to relax in that the outcome does not impact your overall progress to any degree.

In the career mode, you earn payment for each delivery. The more valuable, or potentially dangerous the cargo, the higher revenue you get. If the shipper is late or damages a container or tanker, they will need to pay for it.

The highway traffic is always unpredictable. There could not be a single car around, or the player will find himself in a jam. You should also follow those speed limits. You will have to pay any fine for exceeding it. Another feature is the headlights. You must ensure that you use his headlights. If not, police may also fine him.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 game features

  • more than 60 levels of career mode

  • realistic graphics and game atmosphere;

  • various trucks and the possibility improving them;

  • the capacity to expand the company by hiring new employees , and also purchasing vehicles.

  • Numerous kilometers of roads and an array of weather effects.

Amazing graphics even using Android devices

The graphics are impressive, Euro Truck Simulator 2 tries to be modern. In terms of depth of field (depth of field), HDR - in words, it sounds amazing, but in fact, not everything is so lovely. One of the biggest disadvantages of these options is that when you set the highest graphics settings , you experience a drastic drop in FPS even on a very robust system. However, in general the game seems alive and real.

A trip through the mud-slick highway and admiring the sunsets and different landscapes is a unique pleasure. The only downside is the complete lack of people and no life in the cities (even even though there is an option "Pedestrians"). If you're on the highways and repair workers are dealing in the roadways, within the cities, there's nothing but empty. The sound during the game is at an amount. Its engine hum, which exceeds 500 hp can't be mistaken for anything else. And the sound of the pneumatic trumpet, set on the roof can draw attention from a fair distance.

Vultual truck drivers at the brink of invisibility

The first Euro Truck Simulator launched in 2008. The tiny size of the game it took up just one-half of a gigabyte, shocked gamers of the present. Prism3D graphics engine is a unique algorithms for modeling the universe around that don't require much resources. Thanks to these developments in the game, you'll be able to alter dynamically, for instance, roads, creating an illusion of their repairs or connections to various types of asphalt. Because of this framework, developers can visualize other junctions from different cities without putting too much strain over the graphic card. It is enough to draw just the smallest of textures to produce hundreds of various surfaces in the game. Compare this to the 18, Wheels of Steel series, Euro Truck Simulator has also developed its vehicle fleet, which includes support for TrackIR headset tracking system and all modern gaming tools, including hand-operated gearboxes designed for trucks.

The wealth of your own business

Euro Truck Simulator 2 utilizes its most recent version of Prism3D graphics engine. It accurately draws the lighting and shadows. Furthermore, the physical unit is able to draw the peculiarities of tractor or trailer suspension, the audio module simulates the notes of a powerful engine and the sound of air brakes - all that is rolled into a refined picture, which fans of the old "Truckers 2" actually lacked at one time. Mirrors are adjustable and all gauges function, the cabin shakes on turns as well as the trailer leaps on rough roads. One thing is not there - the end goal. The developers offer the possibility to create your own trucking company completely from scratch. The idea is to create offices in various cities, hire more and more drivers, and buy more vehicles. Due to the growth of the business it is possible to increase the garage's capacity while taking note of the external changes to your headquarters - it grows alongside the riches of your empire.