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How To Install Led High Bay

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Led Flood Light Factory introduces you to the precautions for installing LED explosion-proof lights

If you don't know, you better know some. This will make you safer when following the LED explosion-proof lights and more convenient when installing the LED explosion-proof lights.

The following are the things you need to pay attention to when introducing LED explosion-proof light equipment:

1. If your LED explosion-proof light equipment has been stored and reinstalled for a long time, the first thing you need to pay attention to at this time is whether the LED explosion-proof light equipment can still be used.

Perform the installation again. If the installation is found to be useless or other problems are found, it will fail. If there is no LED explosion-proof lamp that is regularly maintained, it is best to clean it before installation and application.

2. After completing the LED explosion-proof lights and performing certain tests before operation, put your equipment into operation.

After using the LED explosion-proof lamp for the first time, open the lid of the LED explosion-proof lamp and check whether the internal insulating parts have a green and carbonized appearance, and whether the electrical parts have a deformed or burnt appearance

If you find that the LED explosion-proof lamp shows these problems, you must replace the insulating materials of these parts in time, and do not use them again.

Because these parts are now damaged and cannot be used again, for example, when the insulating parts are damaged;

If you often use the LED explosion-proof lamp to display leakage and other phenomena, it will threaten your personal safety.

The damage of electrical components will cause the Led High bay to malfunction frequently during operation. Once used for a long time, it will overheat the circuit and cause a fire.