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How to get villagers to leave in New Horizons?

Lid sinds 09 jun 2021

Animal Crossing Villagers is an important part of the game in New Horizons. We invite villagers to come to the island is a time-consuming and Nook Miles Tickets thing. But what is helpless is that these guys with different personalities are good and bad, and we must understand how to get rid of some dislike and useless guys.

Stop talking with them for a week. We need to make it feel unwelcome. It may call you, but don't communicate with them in any way. Generally, a week later, a beige cloud will appear over their heads, which is a sign that they are considering skipping the town.

In the process, to prevent it from spreading rumors, be sure to keep communicating with other people. Especially those villagers who are relatively quiet and lonely.

Then you can try to hit them with a bug net. This is a way that makes the villagers feel unwelcome 100%, making them sad or angry. If you don't want to perform the previous operation, you can hit it from the beginning. For more than 10 consecutive days, there is a high probability that someone will leave. But combine the previous operations.

Sending harsh letters to them is the best way to express dissatisfaction. Send some abusive and critical letters through the airport to ensure that they receive the information. Will make them wronged.

Then complained to Isabelle. For example, they do not affect, cannot produce ACNH Bells for themselves, and have a bad personality. Although she has no right to expel them, this is a way to prevent villagers from deliberately deceiving.

Finally, wait for the news that they are leaving. Although you will have a chance to keep them, I think you will choose to skip and let them go.

Such a process is actually very troublesome, and I can tell you that this method is not 100% guaranteed to get them away. But the probability of success in doing so is very high. Welcome to Buy Cheap ACNH Items to get more game possibilities.