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How to get Exalted in WOW TBC Classic

Lid sinds 03 aug 2021


When your task is complete, it's time to hone Exalted. Obtaining 21k prestige seems to be very far away. Fortunately, when you enter the heroic dungeon, this will become your target within reach.

Accept daily heroic dungeon missions and provide about 300 reputations in related dungeons. Shadow Labyrinth, Lower City Dungeon or will provide 1.5 to 2k. Buy TBC Classic Gold is every player's choice. It can help you complete dungeon missions quickly and enjoy the fun of the game better.

AtlasLoot Enhanced will be able to see the rewards offered by each faction and focus on the items you want first. Most factions in Exalted will provide the best slot (BiS) items or BiS crafting recipes. If you don't have a better way to get it quickly, I recommend you can Buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold on a secure third-party platform to help you.
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