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How Is Full Threaded Stud Produced?

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Many people know that when Full Threaded Stud is produced and molded, it uses a single-mold machine to form the head. Then, due to its own particularity, how is the stainless steel non-standard screw produced? Next, follow the screw production. Let’s take a look at the manufacturer’s technicians.

In the production of stainless steel non-standard screws, if the cold heading production process has been used, it is necessary to produce the screw blanks through a single mold machine, a mold clamping machine, and a multi-station, but which one is used? For equipment, we need to look at the customer’s performance requirements and size requirements for screws.

   If the head diameter of the screw head is 2.5 times larger than the thread diameter, or the screw needs to have a step, the general manufacturer needs to use multiple stations to produce.

   If the customer has higher requirements for the length of the screw, and the length is more than 100mm, it can be produced by a clamping machine during production.

However, when using a clamping machine to produce, you should cut the material before arranging the head, because the length of the screw is very long, if it is impossible to cut such a long screw directly in the machine, you must cut the material separately in the cutting machine first. , After cutting the material, put it into the matching mold clamping machine to process the next program.

There are also some customers who have very strict tolerance requirements for China Fasteners. When producing, manufacturers need to punch out the blanks with a single-mold machine according to the size of the screws, and then take them to a grinder or a carmaker for further fine processing, or Multi-station production is carried out first, and then Che Jiagong's fine work is carried out.