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How Does The Vegetable Seed Planter Machine Work Better?

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To deepen the land, we must first adjust measures to local conditions. This is the fundamental condition. Due to different soil conditions, the tilling depth of Planting Machine should be different. Generally speaking, the soil with a thick black soil layer has relatively rich nutrients in the upper and lower layers, rich in organic matter, and higher fertility. After the micro tillage machine is plowed, the raw soil that is turned up can quickly mature. Too deep, the raw soil turned up will not mature for a while, so ploughing should be shallow. This kind of soil should deepen year by year to gradually improve the properties of the lower soil layer; some soil layers are sticky with sand on top or bottom with sand on top, deep Turning can blend the sandy layer and improve the soil texture.

But be aware that if the sandy soil layer below the clay layer is deep, the micro tillage machine may cause water leakage and fertilizer leakage after deep ploughing to remove the clay layer. The depth of ploughing should be controlled to the limit of incomplete destruction of the clay layer; more viscous and heavy For soil, due to its low porosity and poor air permeability, the tillage depth can be deeper than that of sandy soil; in saline-alkali land, if the topsoil contains more salt than the subsoil, it can be plowed deeper. If the topsoil contains less salt than the subsoil, use The micro tillage machine should be shallower.

Depending on the Vegetable Seed Planter Machine, the more fertilizer can be deepened with the micro tiller, and the less fertilizer should be shallower. Because the effect of deep plowing to increase production needs to be obtained from the foundation of increased application of organic fertilizers, if only the soil layer is turned deeply and there is no corresponding fertilizer to keep up, no obvious effect can be obtained, so under the condition of lack of fertilizer sources When ploughing should not be too deep. When ploughing, control the mellow soil on the top, the raw soil layer is only ploughed, or the fertilizer is applied to the soil layer with concentrated roots, and the rakes are intensively plowed to invent a relatively deep, upper layer. Cultivated layer with sufficient water and fertilizer.