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How Does Stud Manufacturer Seal Well?

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   Cazali seal: This is a forced seal, and there are three forms: externally threaded Cazali internal seal, internally threaded Cazali internal seal and improved Cazali internal seal.

  Full Threaded Stud external thread clamp: commonly used internal end face seal. Its washer is a triangular soft metal washer made of copper or aluminum. The cylinder flange and the container end cover are connected through a threaded sleeve, the compression bolt is tightened to apply force to the compression ring, and the compression gasket is sealed to achieve sealing.

   Fastener inner khazali seal: The working principle of internal thread khazali seal is basically the same as that of external thread, except that the threaded end cap is indirectly screwed into the end of the cylinder with internal thread. The gasket is placed at the connection between the end cover and the tail of the cylinder, and a pressure ring is arranged on the gasket.

   Fasteners-Improved Kazzari seal: The improved Kazzari seal structure does not require a threaded sleeve to connect the end cover and the cylinder, but is connected by bolts. Other parts are similar to the external threaded Kazzari seal. It has no obvious advantages, so it is difficult to adopt.

   Stud Manufacturer’s Fastener Flat Washer Seal: This is a mandatory seal. Washers made of soft material or metal are placed between the connecting surfaces. Under the action of the pre-tightening force of the bolt, the uneven part of the contact surface (that is, the gap or hole where the medium may leak) is extruded and filled with the plastic deformation gasket material, so as to achieve the purpose of the container.