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How Does Performance Built Log Splitter Reduce Material Waste?

Lid sinds 14 apr 2020
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Performance Built Log Splitter uses various accessories on it, such as blades, to meet its requirements for crushing materials, so that the crushed materials can be smashed to a finer degree due to the blades, so it is easy to cause waste, regardless of the manufacturer For users, of course, I don't want the device to be like this. Aiming at the problem of material waste, what solutions can solve this problem?
   1. The feed size should be within a reasonable range.
  2. Clean the fine materials of Petrol Log Splitter in time, and add new coarse materials at the same time.
  3. Determine whether to increase the number of balls according to the material condition after grinding.
  4. The installation of Petrol Log Splitter is inseparable from the steel ball, so the steel ball meets the following requirements: the diameter and the ratio meet the requirements.
   5. The motion state is set to the falling state.
  Using Petrol Log Splitter in this way can make the material not wasted, reduce its use cost, and smash the wood efficiently. From the equipment point of view, it is helpful for equipment maintenance. It can not only reduce the waste of wood, but also make the wood crush more evenly.