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How Does The Disposable Mattress Supplier Evaluate The Price Of The Product?

Lid sinds 27 nov 2020

For consumer expenses, the unit price of silicone products at the retail end is high. This should be an indisputable fact. From the perspective of Disposable mattress Supplier, the unit price of silicone products is not worth mentioning compared with many materials, so many people want to ask. How high is the cost of silicone products? Why are they sold so high in the market.

Many people think that silicone products are cheap when they are expensive. On the contrary, many people think that cheap silicone products are too expensive. This is a question of thinking from a perspective. For Disposable mattress Supplier, there are expensive places, cheap and cheap. Here, let’s take a look at what Disposable mattress Supplier is based on to evaluate the price of silicone products

From the perspective of the manufacturing industry, its main profit comes from processing fees. In other words, the more production capacity, the better (aside from other aspects). It can be seen that a silicone product has a simple processing method and a structure In this way, a good production capacity is equivalent to a profit, and this type of product is generally cheaper. Compared with this simple product, the unit price of a product that is so complicated and difficult to make will be a bit more expensive, because the production capacity cannot keep up. It may be possible to make 10,000 in a simple day, but only a hundred for this complex. The unit price is expensive, and the defect rate is very high, so the evaluated price of this type of product is generally higher.

Usually silicone products have a conventional operation, and some products require unconventional operations to achieve its production steps. For example, a product that needs to reach different levels such as FDA, LFGB, etc., then first work on the raw materials and prepare the relevant materials. , So the cost will naturally go up.

Another problem is the quality requirements and the definition of appearance and size of  Children's bib! Some products only require dimensional tolerances within 0.05, which is a difficult tolerance. Secondly, products with higher appearance requirements are not allowed to be clean and require a lot of manpower and material resources to do well. The requirements mentioned here are special, particularly high, and difficult. The unit price of this kind of special silicone products will also be higher.