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How Do You Store Your Custom Hanging Umbrella?

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The nice weather’s behind you, and it’s time to put away the swimsuit, beach toys, and hammock. Of course, the setting sun also means you need to tuck away that patio Custom Hanging Umbrella and save it for next year.

How can you ensure it stays in good condition? What are some useful tips and tricks? Roll up your sleeves – it’s time to properly store your patio umbrella!

Tips for Putting Your Patio Umbrella Away

It’s time to get ready for the cold weather ahead and store your patio umbrella in the garage or shed. Follow these tips to ensure you’re putting it away properly:

Figure out your patio umbrella’s style.
Make sure it’s clean.
Close with the pole on the outside.
Cover the exposed pole.
Store your patio umbrella in a dry, clear area.

Step One: Know Your Style
Before you can store your patio umbrella away, it’s helpful to understand its style. Some are easy to put in storage, while others might require you to block out a chunk of your day for the task.

What Are the Different Types of Patio Umbrellas?
There are 7 different patio umbrella styles that you typically see on a person’s deck or patio. They include:


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A table umbrella is often a permanent part of the furniture. You can close up your umbrella, hide it with bubble wrap or an umbrella cover, and leave the table intact in your garage or shed.