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How To Choose A Walking Stick For Medical Devices Equipment

Lid sinds 27 nov 2020

Elderly people who have inconvenience with legs and feet need to be equipped with crutches. With the help of crutches, it is much more convenient and safer to go upstairs and downstairs, walk and walk. But sometimes it’s okay to use crutches, but it’s still uncomfortable, something is wrong, and it may even fall. So how do we choose crutches for the elderly at home or for ourselves?

First of all, the choice of crutches should consider the length of the crutches. A crutches with a suitable length can make you walk more comfortable and safer, and also allow you to fully exercise your arms, shoulders, and back.

Determination of the correct length of crutches: Wear flat shoes and stand on the ground. After standing upright, your hands should hang down naturally. Take an upright posture. The elbows should be bent at 20 degrees. Then measure the distance from the skin stripes on the wrist to the ground. This size is the ideal length of your crutches. You can also refer to this formula: crutches length=0.72×height. This length can better maintain body balance. Generally, the crutches used by the elderly should not exceed their waist! ! !

Secondly, the material of the crutches is also very important. Generally, the crutches are made of wood or aluminum alloy. When choosing a crutches, pay attention to choosing light and flexible ones, and they must also have better load-bearing ability. This is safer to use, usually aluminum alloy materials. The crutches are easier to use.

There is also a need to pay attention to the configuration of crutches. It is best to use a portable crutches with firm armrests, adjustable height, and non-slip devices on the crutch.

In addition, there are many types of crutches, such as four-legged crutches, T-shaped crutches, forearm support crutches, etc. Next time I will talk about the uses of different types of crutches. You should choose the most suitable crutches according to your needs. If you can't use crutches, it's best not to use it to avoid dependence. kaen Medical Devices equipment, guarding life's health.