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Higher Development Of Planting Machine

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      The following tells you some knowledge about Vegetable Seed Planter Machine, so that you can learn more about the knowledge of pastoral management machine.
China is a large agricultural country, and hills and mountains occupy a large area. The land is small and uneven, so it is suitable for the use of small machines. In addition, the scale of business is mainly family-based, and small machines are required. With the further adjustment of the agricultural planting structure, the field The gradual decrease in crop area and the growing area of ​​economic crops, especially the rapid development of greenhouses, have determined that the potential market for multi-functional pastoral management machines in China is huge. If 1% of farmers in China purchase pastoral management machines every year , The demand will exceed 1 million units; if 10% of farmers have pastoral management machines, the inventory will exceed 10 million units.
    Below we will tell you about the reasons for the failure analysis of the pastoral management machine:
    Common fault 1: poor diesel atomization. In addition to the problem of the nozzle, the poor diesel atomization is mostly caused by the wear of the high-pressure oil pump, the low pressure, and the low amount of oil.
   Common fault 2: The micro tiller is difficult to start. First check whether the cylinder liner has broken scars, and then check whether the pressure relief handle is opened; then check whether the crankshaft bearing is severely worn. In addition, the oil should be refueled according to the specified label.
Common fault 3: Planting Machine cannot start working. First check whether the fuel injector is injecting fuel, and then check whether the fuel tank is running out of fuel, or whether the fuel is clean; check whether the fuel supply time is correct, the valve clearance is adjusted correctly, and the compression ratio is not up to To the standard. In addition, insufficient air intake will also result in failure to start.