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Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Damage Reason

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When producing various Hexagon Socket Head Bolt, it is often encountered by damage or rotten tooth. Once thread damage may lead to the entire bolt, it is very lost to the manufacturer, then the thread is damaged. What? How to solve the problem?

The reasons for the thread damage of the Dakott bolt bolt are simple, and there is a summary of the following seven points.

For the first reason: the tap is not selected. The selection of the tap is very particular, and it is necessary to combine the standard, aperture size, the material, aperture, accuracy tolerance, and other factors.

Second reasons: The wire attack speed is too high in the attack, the quality of the coolant is too poor, resulting in problems in the production process. Usually, you need to pay attention to controlling the speed of the equipment and ensuring the quality of the coolant.

Third reasons: After completing the tapping, there is a burr when the turning is turned, which is mainly due to the failure of the tap.

Fourth reason: When tapping teeth, the thread has a debris remaining, and does not clean the residual fragments when cleaning.

The fifth reason: tapping, the rotation is unstable during the tapping process, and you should use high-automated equipment to take off. If the procedure of the tapping is not adjusted, the rotation is unstable.

Sixth reason: Silver Wear causes the grinding data inaccurate.

Seventh reasons: axial pressure is too large.

After China Stud Supplier, Daclo Haguan Bolt is produced, it is found that thread is damaged. In addition to direct scrap, it can be solved by a threaded sheath, or directly preset the thread when processing the workpiece. Avoid damage to the bolt thread.