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Golden Goose Sneakers beaded

Lid sinds 03 nov 2021

For days working at home, opt for a set of shearling mules by Tkees. Enter the ultimate lifesaver: the dress. Ziwe doesn't opt for the scenic purse, but instead ends up grabbing a Golden Goose Sneakers beaded red bag in the shape of a massive bow, lending a delicious pop of contrast to her black puffer coat.

It was also a boost for Sarca to see that the appeal of her unique designs could extend beyond the usual demographic of her fans and followers. Most of the people that buy from me are in their 20s or 30s, but I never think about that when I'm making them-I want them to be for everyone-so it felt nice to have that validation from someone as cool as Cher, she says. I love everything she's been tweeting about recently.

Self-Portrait's resort collection, arriving in stores now, mixes the label's signature lace and boucle knits with the sultry, strappy, drapey Y2K-inspired look that's so popular with young women now. Asymmetrical swimsuits are layered under blazers, acid-y jersey dresses are ruched to the hip and slashed at the ribcage, and marled knit dresses and skirts come with cutouts and wrap-effect details. Chong said his sweater business is booming; ribbed cardigans with lace collars and jeweled buttons lend a touch of his signature charm, and he's leaning in to the idea of Chanel-ish skirt suits with boucle jackets, bras, and matching skirts.

To aid in my own training-I rediscovered the joys of running during the height of the pandemic last year-I sought out Nike Run Club Master Trainer Traci Copeland, who explained that the best running shoes for women and men really depend on what your foot does while you run. Some pronate or supinate, Copeland says, explaining the difference between runners who place their weight on the inside vs. the outside of their feet.