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God of War Ragnarok mobile

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God of War: Ragnarok is one of the most looked forward to Sony exclusives. Gamers are eager to continuing the tale about Kratos and Atreus, are preparing for battle with Freya and Thor as well as fearing that we'll shed tears over the lifeless bodies of gods of war. In this articlewe've listed everything that we know regarding God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok Mobile storyline

Baldur was an insane man who was not aware of emotional or physical pain from his childhood. Baldur was always looking for fights with Kratos to feel alive. Alas, everyone who gets involved in the battle from the legendary Spartan always dies. The daughter of Freya was no different. In fact, nobody was aware that the god's death could become a signpost of more serious troubles.

The omen suggests that following Baldr's passing, there will be a Fimbulwinter or a long winter. It will come to an end only at the end of the world,, which happens to be Ragnarok. This is why we are in challenging times that the events of the new God of War are about to unfold. Some years of winter are gone meaning that the apocalypse is on the way.

Kratos had changed in the years since God of War 3 when Kratos' actions led to the death many millions mortals. Now he is much calmer and more reasonable He doesn't want to harm people of ordinary age. Also, together with his son, he will try to stop Ragnarok.

At it's beginning, the heroes must hide from the wrath of Freya, Thor, and the other gods, but in the end Atrey will convince the god god of conflict to play his role in the events to come. The son seeks solutions and believes that the conflict with gods is what this world requires. Maybe that's the reason Faye was his mother who wanted.

Is Atreus the Loki that will confront Odin himself? Will the heroes be able to stop Ragnarok, or will they bring the death of the world closer? We do not know.

Whatever the case, Kratos and Atreus will make the biggest contribution to the world of history. They will be assisted in this by their old acquaintances Brock the Sindri, Mimir along with new acquaintances, such as giants, dwarvesas well as Thur, the god of war.

Will Kratos be killed to the end of God of War: Ragnarok Android?

If we believe the prophecy in the God of War finale, Kratos will die. On the other hand, this could be a technique used by the heroes to beat the gods. After all, Loki can be described as the God of deceit and such a stage would be in his style.

On the other hand, Kratos has already been through a lot and Ragnarok will be the last chapter of Scandinavian history. Can the life of the god of war not end other than with a hero's death at the battle field? Or do you think Kratos be killed at the hands from his son?

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Maybe the developers even recreate a trick that was featured in The Last of Us: Part 2. Perhaps not at the beginning of the game, but close towards the middle Kratos will be dead. On the other hand after the unfortunate mishap, Atreyu will spend a lengthy time among giants. They will be learning new tricks and become more mature. For instance, players will go on the course with everything ready for the time he comes back.

God of War: Ragnarok APK gameplay

As you can see from the trailers and gameplay, God of War: Ragnarok is still faithful to the gameplay of the previous installment. Kratos and Atreus explore the world through puzzles, solve problems, collect the latest equipment, and face off against foes.

It is believed that the heroes can visit all nine worlds. Unfortunately, we could only take a look at five in the last section - and not all of them were explored in depth. For instance, Muspelheim and Niflheim were focused on further tests.

In Ragnarok the developers are planning to make the worlds more familiar and let gamers explore unexplored places like Vanhaem, Ljesalveheim, Svartalveheim and, obviously, Asgard. Odin's home is where that the final battle will likely to play out. It's still unclear whether it's possible returning to Helheim It is not thought of as a whole in mythology.

To travel around the world more comfortable, the heroes will be able utilize transportation. They will ride on their boat from the beginning part , and then take off on the sled with wolves.

The exploration of the locations will become more vertical. When it comes to trailers Kratos typically uses the chain which allows him to climb over high platforms. Chains also come in handy during battles as it will enable flying into the higher ground, where archers stand, and then pull upwards towards their adversaries.

Digital graphics as well as platform

Graphics God of War: Ragnarok will remain at the level that it was in 2018. We have already seen comparisons on the internet which confirm this. God of War was one of the most beautiful games of the current generation However, players expected more.

The visuals of the upcoming hit reveal that the latest generation consoles do not need to just sit and wait for the previously unseen beauty. Of course, excellent hardware will enable developers to create larger and more detailed worlds. Even so, the scene will be transformed, then not much.

The principal figures and mission of God of War Ragnarok Mobile

Kratos in addition to Atreus will meet other mythical heroes during the game:

  • The Goddess Freyja and her helpers on their journey;

  • "The children of Thor Gods Magni and Modi, they kill, and this is the very first departure from the canonical text of the Elder Edda and the texts of the Younger Edda;

  • The sage god Mimir or more specifically the head of his, which becomes their ally

  • The World Serpent or Jormungand, who wraps his body around Midgard that engulfs Midgard with oceans as a further departure from canons. At this point, he does not exist.

  • the Sindri brothers and Brok are dwarvensmiths and creators of Mjollnir Thor's hammer

  • Thor God of thunder, in the cutscene with the secret, Atreus is dreaming of what's in their future.

The journey through the Nine Worlds

Sage Mimir's head informs him that "Odin is a trump with many tricks in his sleeves that we did not realize he had," and Atreus notes that there is someone else in the world who could assist them. Kratos suggests it could be Thur Atreus, the Scandinavian god of warfare, who perished. Mimir quotes "Odin although he tried to track him down, he was unable to do so. on his own. "

Atreus insists on finding Tyr and suggests, "What if war is the only method to stop Ragnarok?" to which Kratos replies: "War is not the only way." Surprised by these words Atreus explodes and asks his god that he is the child's father and instead think of him as an actual warrior. the god of war replies with a sharp refusal. Unwilling to use his rage further, Kratos tries to save himself and his son in this way , since it has led him to commit numerous terrible actions that haunt him until today. Do you think the Greek improve his manner of conduct due to his years of age? Most likely, this won't be known until within the game itself.