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Full Threaded Stud Machinery Production

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   Mechanical requirements in the production process of Full Threaded Stud  

   1. Heart hardness: The standard value is HRC28-38, and the measured value is about HRC31-33. The test is performed on a cross-section that is 1 to 2 times the nominal diameter of the rod. If the nominal length is too short, insert it first, and then measure the hardness.


   2. The surface hardness of the full-thread stud manufacturing machine: Standard: HV600-800, the actual measured value is about HV660-710.


   3. Carburized layer: 4#-6#0.05-0.18mm, 8#-12#0.10-0.23, 14#0.13-0.28.


   4. Nail making machine penetrates the hard layer: 4#-6#: 0.05-0.18mm 8#-12#: 0.10-0.23mm 14#: 0.15-0.28mm.


5. Torque: specifications, tail drill, screw, BSD type CSDINCH-LBKG-CMINCH-LBKG-CM4# (2.9) 141614166# (3.5) 242824288# (4.2) 4284885510# (4.8) 6170657512# (5.5) 9210610011514# (6.3 ))) 150173156180.


  6. ​​Screw machine screw test: Screw the China Nut into a steel plate with holes for testing. The full-threaded stud forms a corresponding screw on the test board, and the screw will not be deformed or damaged. Until the end of the tapered thread completely penetrates the test card. The tightening test is only applicable to AB, B, BP and other types of fully threaded studs.