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A first date?

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Your date for the first time – what is not a reason to worry? You are already stewing from the very thought of a date, pondering the first words, try to plan everything perfectly, worry about how to make the meeting unforgettable. Are you afraid not to like it, realizing that the experience with the ladies is small? What is appropriate, you think, to talk to a girl about? Take her hand on a walk or kiss it, or is it superfluous? You dream of coping with the excitement that literally covers you, which does not allow you to control yourself, without even thinking about getting pleasure, although it should be the basis of your communication. You know, the first date will definitely make an impression on the girl, and you wanted to appear in a favorable light in front of her, to be remembered, to interest her so that she looks forward to new invitations. After all, every guy competes for the attention, recognition of women with other men, when a girl really liked him – the guy is ready to give everything so that he will definitely win his dear heart.

So, how to spend a first date with a girl? The tips offered below will help the girl to like, controlling the situation so that the date is comfortable, disposing for both.

How to communicate with a girl on a first date? First of all, it is you who should have pleasure from your communication with a girl, you both should feel comfortable, communication should certainly be free, natural, relaxed, which will confirm your compatibility.

Communication with a woman should not be radically different from spending time with close friends, with relatives, in which you freely tell what you want, without filtering, without wondering how they will react. If you want to tell – you just share it with your loved ones. You share your emotions and mood with them. It would be strange if, by telling your loved ones, you would like to give them a special impression about you. So, the young lady will also feel whether you are natural or want to impress her at any cost. She is more likely to perceive your condition if you yourself are comfortable – she will also like the date, but if you are squeezed, then regardless of what exactly you will tell her, she will also be tense. And since women live by emotions, it is this effect that she will remember as the result of your date. Therefore, the goal for you will be to properly tune in to the first date with a girl, to provide yourself with comfort and confidence in advance, to identify details that will destabilize your condition.

Rather, you are experiencing excitement and anxiety in connection with past experiences, complexes or existing negative attitudes regarding communication with ladies. It happens that the feeling of fear before the first date is so strong that the guy wants to avoid it at the last moment, cancel it or even come, but if possible, unable to cope with his excitement, hastily finish it.

When you are wondering how best to spend your first date with a girl – you are on the right track, because having sorted out what is bothering you, you can not leave a trace of your fears. If you find that you are unable to cope with your excitement yourself – you can attend a special course on communicating with ladies or an individual consultation with a psychologist.

Nevertheless, in practice, help is rarely required, and a small psychological educational program, as well as preparation for the first date, solve this issue. In this article you will find practical tips that will help you regain control of the situation, spend a date being yourself, and make communication authentic and unforgettable.

How to communicate with a girl on a first date? Remember that there are no universal tips, take only those that do not go against the individual style of your communication, because when you put on a mask, it will not be organic, you will get tired of constantly maintaining someone else's image in yourself, and the lady will be at a loss, not understanding why you have changed so much. This remark is especially important when you are looking for a young lady for a long-term trusting relationship.

Do not strive to be perfect, because as a result, our loved ones love us for our shortcomings, which act as piquant features of our personality for them. Of course, they should seem only highlights, it is not worth dumping all your negative qualities and traits on the young lady. Be with her as you want to be, as you are with yourself alone. It is important here that you accept yourself, that you feel comfortable inside yourself, that you personally feel good alone with yourself. Because only then there is an opportunity to build a good relationship. Many people run away from themselves into relationships, as if hoping that another person will save them from loneliness and problems. This is especially not suitable as a line of behavior for men. Harmonious relationships can be built only if you have sorted yourself out, when you feel like a complete self-sufficient person, when you like yourself.

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