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Filling Requirements For Roll Sublimation Paper

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According to relevant data, more and more people are marveling at the magical thermal paper production process of thermal paper manufacturers. It has different requirements for coatings, adhesives and color developers, and thermal paper manufacturers with a complete range of products not only pay attention to it. The inspection of finished thermal paper, and also pay special attention to the selection requirements of fillers, now I will briefly explain the requirements of roll sublimation paper for fillers:

1. Have good chemical stability and compatibility

Thermal paper manufacturers also consider the application requirements of fillers when producing thermal paper. Generally speaking, most manufacturers require thermal paper to have better chemical stability, so that it can better increase the stability during chemical color development; in addition, the filler needs to be combined with the color developer in the coating and Adhesives, etc. maintain better compatibility, so as to better fit the production characteristics of thermal paper.

2. Low demand for adhesives

According to feedback from thermal paper manufacturers, the better the performance of the filler, the lower the demand for adhesives. In fact, the more cost-effective filler not only has the function of general coated paper, but also can help reduce the adhesion amount of coating dirt on the hot pen during recording. As the adhesion amount decreases, the consumption of adhesive will also be Follow the reduction.

3. Has good whiteness and coverage

Many thermal paper manufacturers believe that the filler used in the production of thermal paper should also have better whiteness and covering properties. Because the thermal paper contains hot melt inside, it will cause a certain degree of dirt during recording, and the porous filler on the loose structure surface can cover this part of the dirt, and can also strengthen the heat sensitivity through its own whiteness The whiteness of the paper.

Various thermal paper produced by tacky sublimation paper manufacturers have the characteristics of rich fonts and stable color rendering, so they are widely loved by small receipt paper customers, cash register paper customers and electrocardiogram customers. And those thermal paper manufacturers with good pre-sale service quality have built a good market reputation with high-quality thermal paper. This is because the manufacturers strictly follow various principles for the selection of fillers. The chemical stability and compatibility must meet the requirements of good whiteness and covering properties, and at the same time meet the principles of low consumption of adhesives.