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Factors Of Planting Machine Production

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In the past, sowing and raising seedlings required labor, and a lot of labor was required to sow every year. Therefore, in order to increase the planting speed of farmers and develop Vegetable Seed Planter Machine, what factors are mainly considered when developing planters?

1. Adaptability of the planter

Because the soil in each area is different, some soil is soft, the planter is difficult to move in it, and it is easy to sink in the quagmire, while some soil is harder, and the digging effect of the planter is average. Therefore, the manufacturer is studying the planter At the time, the adaptability of the planter will be considered, and the soil problems in each area must also be considered for the sowing situation of the planter.

Therefore, when the planter is developed, the planter will be developed in two directions. One is that the soil is soft. The digging ability of this planter is average but the walking ability is very strong, and the vegetable seedling planter will not fall into the soil. Moving situation. On the soil with hard soil, the power of the planter is average but the ability to dig the soil is very strong.

Second, the heat dissipation of the planter

Because the planter is operated outdoors, the outdoor temperature is relatively high and the planter is running, so heat dissipation measures for the planter are necessary. When the planter is manufactured, the plant will perform heat dissipation treatment near the launching system to avoid the engine. The heat will burn the surrounding circuits or parts, affect the mechanical properties of these parts, and avoid chain reactions.

All in all, Planting Machine manufacturers will consider many factors, among which heat dissipation factors and adaptability factors are more considered, because these two issues are the key to the sale of planters and the key to the selection of planters.