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F1960 Fittings Are Loved

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PEX Fittings Wholesale engineering water supply pipes

1. Domestic water pipes. Domestic water pipe fittings include: hard polyethylene (PVC-U) drainage pipes, high-pressure polyethylene pe pipe fittings for water supply and drainage, random copolymer polypropylene PP-R pipes, high-density polyethylene (PE-X) pipes, thick-walled water supply and drainage Air-conditioning copper pipes, thick-walled stainless steel pipes for water supply and drainage, steel-plastic pipes (plastic-lined, plated) steel wire mesh framework, etc. These pipe fittings have advantages and disadvantages, but the comprehensive type is better: PE water supply pipe (but this The pipe must be installed, because the laying of the pipe is very easy to embrittlement), PP-R drainage pipe and thick-walled air-conditioning copper pipe.

2. Daily heating pipes can choose high temperature resistant polyethylene water supply pipes, high temperature resistant PP-R pipes, thick-walled air-conditioning copper pipes and thick-walled stainless steel pipes.

3. For production and fire-fighting water supply pipelines, if the working pressure is not high (P≤1.0MPa), hot-dip galvanized steel pipes can be used; if the working pressure is high (P>1.0MPa), seamless steel pipes can be used.

Outdoor drainage pipe

    (1) Plastic drain pipe. It is a pipe fitting that has been used for decades. Practical experience, in urban and rural areas, there are many defects in this type of pipe fittings: 1) The sealing characteristics of the pipe fittings are not very good, and the socket is easy to leak, resulting in the exposure of waste water and environmental pollution. 2) The anti-cutting characteristics of the pipe fittings are poor, which is very large in big cities. There are more people and cars. The sewage pipes are built on both sides of the road. It takes less than two years for the water pipes to crack, especially in large areas with a buried depth of less than 1.b250. This type of situation is widespread on both sides of the city’s main roads.

(2) Hard polyethylene (PVC-U) pe corrugated pipe. It is a pipe fitting that has just been applied in the 1990s. The anti-corrosion properties of the pipe fittings and the airtightness of the socket are very good. The engineering construction is simple and the project cost is low. The physical properties of this type of pipe fittings are not good, and the pressure resistance capacity is average As a drainage pipe, it can only be used in areas with branch pipes and fewer cars.

(3) Hard polyethylene (PVC-U) pipes for buried sewage treatment are professional pipe fittings for buried sewage treatment. The comprehensive type can improve the metal bellows only after the steel chain.

(4) The steel chain improves the metal bellows. F1960 Fittings is a new type of fittings delivered in recent years. It has various advantages such as good sealing properties, good compression resistance, and good corrosion resistance. It is also the most important pipe fitting for marketing and application at this stage.