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If we talk about the" essay " as a direction of creativity, then most likely, it can be compared with an ordinary essay. Naturally, there are certain rules when writing such an "essay".

Speaking about this direction, in the context of copywriting (this often happens), it is rather a statement of one's own experience in relation to a product or service. The essence of this does not change, but there are still some subtleties that are worth knowing both for those who are just going to write, and for those who are starting to engage in copywriting.

What is an essay?
An essay is a kind of essay, of a small (in volume) size, presented in a free form. The essay presents the author's own thoughts, his experience and his opinion on any issue or subject that does not claim to be the complete truth or definition.

The very word "essay" came to us from French and means: experience, attempt, sketch, essay. That is, the name itself fully reveals the essence of the direction.

What are the types of essays
The essay can be divided into two main areas-these are:

1. Objective — in which personal thoughts on a specific direction are stated, supported by something;

2. Subjective — in which a personal point of view is considered, even on a specific problem, not supported and not claiming to be true.

For example, Thinking about UFOs is the second option, and thinking about the formula of water is the first.

Also, the essay content can be divided into several subcategories:

1. Philosophical;

2. Critical;

3. Literary;

4. Historical;

5. Artistic and others

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